Tagteam are BSA Accredited to complete Fire Protection services throughout Australia, a maintenance task that works hand in hand with preventative electrical maintenance. While appliance test and tagging minimises the risk of fire, Fire Protection Services ensure that fire fighting equipment is functional and effective in minimising the damage from fire.

Tagteam typically complete Fire Protection Checks on portable items, like Extinguishers and Blankets (AS 1851.1) along side standard electrical maintenance. Fire extinguishers and blankets form the first line of defence in control of small fires. These must be regularly inspected to ensure they are in a good condition. Tagteams’ 6 monthly inspections include looking for signs of corrosion, parts in good working order and free from defects, a pressure test every 5 years and correct signage.

Tagteam also have experience in servicing hose reels (AS 1851.2), hydrants (AS 1851.4) and independent smoke detectors during the 6 monthly inspection.

Tagteam now conduct testing on sprinklers, fire panels or smoke alarms connected to systems.

Essential Services

Typically, the more sites associated with your business the more difficult it becomes for you to manage the Testing and Tagging maintenance at each.

Often it becomes the site managers responsibility or the franchise owners for Testing and Tagging programs but our experience has shown that using one provider with a uniform procedure works best across multiple sites. This is where Tagteam Australia excels as we provide nationwide coverage and have teams posted in each major city for all your Testing and Tagging requirements.

Why use a handful of contractors or different franchises when you can use one with Tagteam Australia? We service all regions and do not charge out travel like many of our competitors do. We provide a consistent and reliable Testing and Tagging service with a schedule of rates that remain the same for each site, whether it be Mt Isa, Port Hedland or Newcastle.

Our Testing and Tagging services are currently utilised at over 10,000 sites across our nation and we test and tag in excess of 2,000,000 items annually, allowing us to easily service any client’s national requirements.


Tagteam hold Electrical Contractors Licences in each state and we are BSA certified to look after your Fire Protection Services. Don’t be overwhelmed by managing multiple contractors and state-by-state variations in legislation, Tagteam can take the weight off your shoulders and manage all aspects of your electrical maintenance and fire protection.

In depth information on the benefits of national servicing can be seen in our white paper, Electrical Safety & Multi Site Management.

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